Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Organic Rosehip Oil

Beauty Review 1#:

The House of Herbs specializes in Organic Skincare and I decided to try out a product some claim to be their 'secret weapon' to glowing skin. This secret weapon is of course rosehip oil. Now you may or may not have heard of it-or possibly might be using at the moment, or considering it. This oil is a perfect substitute for a night cream especially for young skin. I felt as I was searching for a night cream, most of it was specifically for mature skin. Rosehip oil can be used by anyone of any age with any skin type including mature skin. Apply it to clean skin in the evening and wake up with hydrated and renewed skin. If MYER is close to you, buy House of Herb's Organic Rosehip oil for just $14.95 AUD. If not, but it online for just $17.05 AUD.
This is a product that can be incorporated into your daily beauty routine, free of fuss and will leave you with baby soft rejuvenated skin every morning!